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Finale 2010 Interface Changes

Finale 2010 includes the following interface changes since Finale 2009a.

Transparent handles

Finale's transparent handles can be modified or turned off in the Preferences-View dialog box.

Percussion Maps

Percussion Maps as they appeared in Finale 2009 no longer exist in Finale 2010. Functionality of Finale's former Percussion Maps has been split between Percussion Layouts and Percussion MIDI Maps.

Percussion Layouts

Percussion Layouts allow you to assign percussion instruments to staff positions and noteheads. These features, which previously existed in the Percussion Map Designer dialog box, are now available in the Percussion Layout Designer dialog box.

Percussion MIDI Maps

The MIDI mapping of percussion notation is now handled automatically during entry. If you change the playback device under the MIDI menu, and the MIDI notes no longer match the desired percussion sounds, simply select the percussion MIDI map for that playback device for that staff, which is available in the ScoreManager. See also To setup playback for a percussion staff.

Percussion entry

If you are using an external MIDI device for percussion input, you can select a Percussion Input Map for your device and patch to ensure the desired percussive instruments are entered onto the staff on the appropriate MIDI notes. Percussion Input Maps are available in the MIDI Setup dialog box. See Percussion MIDI Maps dialog box.

Resize Fretboards

The former Resize Fretboards option under the Chord menu and the Resize Fretboards dialog box have been removed. You can resize Fretboards globally in Document Options-Chords. To resize fretboards by region, use the Change Chord Assignments dialog box.

Broadway Copyist Font

Finale's default handwritten font in now the new Broadway Copyist font.

Menu Changes

The following menu items have been removed or changed:

The following plug-ins have been removed

Finale 2010a Interface Changes

Utilities menu/Transpose Percussion Notes

This new command under the Utilities menu allows you to change the note type of percussion notes by region. See Utilities menu.

File menu/Open Finale Worksheet

Choose this command to open one of Finale's included worksheets. See File menu and Finale Worksheets.

View menu/Show/Percussion MIDI Values

To view the MIDI value associated with each percussion note, select this option. See View/show Percussion MIDI Values.

Transpose Percussion Note Types dialog box

This new dialog box appears when you select a region including percussion notes and choose Utilities > Transpose Percussion Notes. It allows you to assign new note types for the existing percussion instruments. See Transpose Percussion Notes dialog box.

Updated Percussion MIDI Map Editor

Additional options for percussion editing have been added to the Percussion MIDI Map Editor dialog box.

Finale 2009 vs. Finale 2012 menu reference chart

Use the following key to identify commands that have moved or changed names since Finale 2009. New commands (as of Finale 2010), menus, and submenus are marked with an asterisk (*). "" means the menu item's name has not changed. For menu changes and additions in 2011, see Finale 2010 vs. Finale 2012 menu reference chart.

Finale 2009 menu command Name Finale 2009 menu Finale 2012 menu Finale 2012 menu command Name
Type Into Score Chord "" - (see Manual Input)
MIDI Input Chord "" Allow MIDI Input
- - Utilities *Transpose Percussion Notes
- - File *Open Finale Worksheet
- - View/Show *Percussion MIDI Values



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