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Percussion MIDI Map Editor dialog box

How to get there

Choose MIDI/Audio > Device SetupEdit Percussion MIDI Maps.

What it does

Use this dialog box to edit Percussion MIDI Maps, which are used to assign instrument sounds to MIDI note numbers. See Percussion MIDI Maps.

Each percussion note is assigned to a MIDI note behind the scenes, which allows Finale to accommodate any playback device (whose MIDI notes may be mapped to different instruments) easily by selecting the appropriate Percussion MIDI Map from the ScoreManager. See Configuring Percussion Playback.

When you click or type percussion into the score Finale assigns the MIDI note properly. But, if you want Finale to use a different percussion instrument for playback throughout your score (e.g. the "electric snare" sound instead of the "acoustic snare"), or, if you would like to configure percussion sounds for input with a particular external MIDI device, you can assign your own MIDI notes to percussion instruments in this dialog box. (A Percussion MIDI Map configured for input from an external MIDI device can be selected in the Percussion Input Maps dialog box.)

Note that the same percussion MIDI map can be used, and often is, for both MIDI input and playback. Choose MIDI Thru under MIDI/Audio menu > Device Setup to audition the percussion sounds Finale interprets if you want to use your MIDI keyboard for input and not for playback.


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