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Note Mover/Search and Replace

After selecting a note or group of notes, choose this command if you want to perform a search and replace on the selected notes - in other words, to find every occurrence of them in the score and modify each occurrence in some way.

For example, you could use the Search and Replace command to change every occurrence of a note to its enharmonic equivalent. You could also use it to renotate all occurrences of a certain recurring motif.

The first dialog box to appear is the Search and Replace dialog box, where you can specify whether or not Finale should consider the octave register or the rhythmic pattern of the selected notes in its search for matching motifs. See Search and Replace dialog box.

After you click the appropriate button, you see the Alteration for Slot dialog box, which lets you specify how you want to modify each occurrence of the selected motif. You can specify a different transposition for each note in the pattern, if you want; see Alteration for Slot dialog box.

When you return to the score, Finale adds a new menu - Search - to the menu bar, containing several commands for conducting the search.

For detailed information, see the Search and Replace dialog box.


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