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Search and Replace dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Window > Advanced Tools. Click the Note Mover tool  image\Note_Mover_Tool.gif. The Note Mover menu appears.
  2. Click a measure.
  3. Select the handles of the notes you want to indicate as the subject of a search-and-replace operation; select a single note by clicking its handle, additional notes by SHIFT+clicking, several notes by drag-enclosing them, or all notes in the measure by choosing Edit > Select All.
  4. Choose Note Mover > Search and Replace.

What it does

When you perform a Search and Replace operation, you can search for a pitch, a specific pitch-and-rhythm combination, or even an entire motif anywhere in a score and modify every occurrence of it in one of several ways. For example, you can flip every G flat to its enharmonic equivalent (F sharp), or change two of the notes in a recurrent theme.

In this dialog box, you tell Finale whether it should search for occurrences of the selected motif in other octave registers or just the original register. You also tell Finale whether to confine its search to note patterns whose rhythmic values match those of the selected motif.

All of these options take key changes into account when searching. For example, if you’re searching for a motif that begins on C in the key of C, one that begins on C in the key of F won’t be considered a match. Instead, Finale will look for the same motif beginning on F in the key of F.

When you click any of these four buttons, you proceed to the Alteration for Slot dialog box, where you tell Finale how you want to modify each occurrence of the motif; see Alteration for Slot dialog box.

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