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Alteration for Slot dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Window > Advanced Tools.
  2. Click the Note Mover tool  image\Note_Mover_Tool.gif. The Note Mover menu appears.
  3. Click a measure; a handle appears on every notehead.
  4. Select a handle by clicking it, several handles by SHIFT+clicking (or drag-enclosing) them, or all notes in the measure by choosing Edit > Select All.
  5. Choose Note Mover > Search and Replace and click one of the criterion buttons (In All Octaves, In Selected Octave Only and Match Durations).

What it does

Finale’s Search and Replace command has several uses, including transforming a given pitch to its enharmonic equivalent or editing a recurrent motif throughout a score. The Alteration for Slot dialog box lets you specify how you want each occurrence (of a note or a motif) modified.

Note. if you selected several notes, you can transpose all of them by choosing Set All.

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