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Placing the word "Accelerando" into the score

Assigning an expression for playback

Accidentals (Simple Entry)

Adding a sharped or flatted note

Raising or lowering a note

Adding parentheses around accidentals

Hiding and showing accidentals

Accidentals (Speedy Entry)

Hiding and showing accidentals

Adding or changing an accidental

Correcting accidentals on tied notes

Moving an accidental

Adobe PDF Documents

Creating a PDF document from a Finale file

Troubleshooting PDF documents



Adding one articulation mark in the score

Moving or deleting an articulation

Changing the articulation character

Designing an articulation

Defining an articulation for playback

Applying an articulation to every note in a region

Erasing articulations from a region

Centering and repositioning existing articulations

Quickly changing an articulation

Copying articulations

Copying markings based on a rhythmic match

Creating an articulation metatool

Removing an articulation from the list

Attack and release


Importing an audio file

Importing export an audio file



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