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To copy markings based on a rhythmic match

  1. Click the Selection tool  image\Selection_Tool.gif.
  2. Select a region.

Click or drag-enclose any region of music to select it. Add additional measures to the selection by SHIFT-clicking. Double-click to select a full measure, and double-click a second time if you want to include all other staves in your selection. The selection must occur on a single staff, not spanning multiple staves. Only rhythms and markings in the current layer of the source region are used for the pattern matching and painting process.

  1. From the Edit menu, choose SmartFind and Paint, then Set SmartFind Source. An outline box appears around the selected region. If you selected the wrong region, choose Deselect SmartFind Source from the SmartFind and Paint submenu, and try again.

Select a target region to paint. If no region is selected, SmartFind will assume you wish to scan the entire document. You may include partial measures in your target region.

  1. From the Edit menu, choose SmartFind and Paint, then Apply SmartFind and Paint. The SmartFind and Paint dialog box appears. See SmartFind and Paint dialog box.
  2. Check the box for the markings you want to copy.

If you’ve already entered some markings into your document, you may wish to check "Delete Target Markings Before Paint." With this box checked, SmartFind will erase the markings before painting the new markings, so you get an exact duplicate. Note that checking this option will only erase markings checked to paint. For example, if all markings to paint were checked except articulations, SmartFind would erase markings in the target but leave articulations untouched. The checked marking types will be deleted regardless of whether the markings appear in the source region.

  1. Click Find.

SmartFind shows you the first match, if any. SmartFind will look for matches in all layers of the target region, regardless of the source layer. SmartFind will search the first measure of the top staff selected to the last measure of the top staff in the region, then continue through layers, then down through the rest of the staves. SmartFind will search for a match based on the rhythmic or note durations and therefore will consider tied notes. SmartFind will ignore grace notes, Voice 2 and mirrored notes.

  1. Click Paint to apply the markings to the match, or Paint All to apply the markings to all matches, or click Find Next to skip this match. SmartFind copies the select markings from the source region onto the rhythmic match target region. Only the first note of a tied note will receive copied markings.
  2. When you’re finished, click Cancel or Close. You return to the document.



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