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To export an audio file

  1. Review playback. The audio file created by Finale is generated from the MIDI performance, so changes to the document’s MIDI data will apply to the generated audio file.

Tip. Human Playback settings apply to saved audio files, so all generated audio files sound the same as the document played from Finale. To use MIDI data added deliberately (with the MIDI tool for example), set Human Playback to None in the Playback Settings dialog box. To edit Finale’s MIDI performance manually (instead of using Human Playback), you can use the MIDI or Expression Tool. See MIDI tool and Expressions.

Note. To export a specific region, in the Playback Settings dialog box, check Observe Playback Region when Saving to MIDI or Audio File, and the specify the region you would like to export in the options above.

  1. Review playback. Your audio file will sound the same as playback in Finale.
  2. From the File menu, choose Export to Audio. The Save As Audio File dialog box appears. Here, you can choose to generate a standard, or compressed audio file.
  3. Choose the destination folder and click Save. Finale generates the audio file and saves it to the specified folder.

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