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To apply an articulation to every note in a region

  1. Click the Articulation tool  image\Articulation_Tool.gif, and drag-enclose a region of notes. The Apply Articulation dialog box appears. If you have programmed a Metatool for the particular articulation press the Metatool while drag-enclosing the notes, and you’re done! See To create an Articulation Metatool.
  2. Click Select. The Articulation Selection dialog box appears.
  3. Double-click the symbol you want.

At this point, you can specify a number of other parameters. Click Notes within Range of Durations to select a range of note values you want affected by the marking—for example, you might want the articulations to appear only on eighth notes and quarter notes; you’d click the eighth note in the upper palette and the quarter note in the lower one. You can also specify whether or not Finale should place the articulation mark on notes beginning or ending a tie (since an accent mark, for example, doesn’t mean much on a note at the right end of a tie). Select Include Notes that Start a Tie or Include Notes that Continue or End a Tie, respectively.

Finally, you can specify an additional amount of distance added to (or subtracted from) the marking’s usual distance from the notehead. See Apply Articulation dialog box for more information.

  1. Click OK (or press ENTER). You return to the document, where Finale places the marking on every selected note.



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