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Apply Articulation dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Selection tool  image\Selection_Tool.gif, and select a region of measures (or part of a measure).
  2. Choose Utilities > Apply Articulation. Or, click the Articulation Tool and drag-enclose a series of notes.

What it does

The Apply Articulation dialog box lets you apply an articulation mark (such as an accent or staccato mark) to every note in a selected region. In fact, you can even apply a marking only to every quarter note, for example.

Instead of typing in a number, it may be more convenient to click Select. Finale displays a palette of all articulations you’ve created (or loaded) in this document. Double-click the one you want; you return to the Apply Articulation dialog box, where that marking’s number appears in the text box.

If you only want quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes to have staccato marks, then, click the sixteenth note in the From row, and the quarter note in the Through row. Finale won’t apply staccato marks to whole notes, half notes, 32nd notes, for example.

If the note-duration you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the palette—for example, if you want to specify a quintuplet quarter note—you can calculate its EDUs value and enter that number directly into one of the EDUs boxes. There are 1024 EDUs per quarter note; you’d enter 1024 for a quarter note, 128 for a sixteenth, and so on.

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