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View menu

How to get there

The View menu is one of Finale’s unchanging menus.

What it does

This menu contains commands pertaining to your view of the document. You can never change the document itself with the commands in this menu—only modify the way you see it on the screen

For example, you can change the size of the displayed music, hide staves, or alternate between one of Finale's three main views (Page, Scroll, and Studio View).

Page view offers several Page View Styles, which allow you to arrange the pages in a horizontal row, a column, or display a single page at a time.

If you press OPTION while choosing the View menu, the Select Staff Set submenu changes to Program Staff Set, indicating that you’re ready to program a new staff or tool set.


Scroll View

Page View

Page View Style

Book Style:Row

Book Style: Column

Book Style: Tiled

Book Style: Current

Looseleaf Style: Row

Looseleaf Style: Column

Looseleaf Style: Tiled

Looseleaf Style: Current Page Only

Studio View


Zoom In

Zoom Out

Fit Width

Fit in Window

Custom Zoom 1

Custom Zoom 2

Custom Zoom 3


Last Size

Define Custom Zooms


Add Bookmark

Edit Bookmarks

Select Staff Set

Select Staff All Staves

Select Staff Set 1

Select Staff Set 2

Select Staff Set 3

Select Staff Set 4

Select Staff Set 5

Select Staff Set 6

Select Staff Set 7

Select Staff Set 8

Select Tool Set

Select Layer

Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

Redraw Screen


Show Grid

Snap to Grid

Show Guides

Snap to Guide

Grid/Guide Options

Out-of-Range Notes






Hidden Notes and Rests

Percussion MIDI Note Values



Page Layout Icons

Message Bar

Select Display Colors


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