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View/Select Tool Set

Finale’s floating tool palette is extremely flexible. By SHIFT+dragging icons, you can swap icons’ locations on the palette. If you rearrange the icons, you can tell Finale to memorize their positions (but not the position of the palette itself) as a Tool Set. You can create up to four different configurations of tools per document and switch from one to another instantly. For example, you might arrange the note editing tools together at the top of one tool set. Once you’ve input your music you could switch to a page layout tool set.

To create and save Tool Sets, first set up the palette the way you want it (as described above). Then, while pressing option, choose Tool Set 1 from the submenu of the Program Tool Set command. You’ve just stored Tool Set 1. Configure the palette in another setup; while pressing option, choose Tool Set 2, and so on. (Finale stores the default tool palette configuration as the Master Tool Set.)

To switch from one palette setup to another, choose it’s name from the Select Tool Set submenu.



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