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View/Page View

Page View is one of three Finale views of your music (the others are Scroll View and Studio View). By default, this is the view Finale presents you with when you open a new document. If you would like to change this setting when you open new documents, see Preferences-New. In Page View, you see your music exactly as it will be printed: laid out in systems, displaying page -attached as well as measure-attached text blocks and graphics, and stretching the measures as needed so that each line of music is flush with the margins. Because of this stretching effect, music that appears a little crowded in Scroll or Studio View often looks just right in Page View.

Every Finale Tool works in Page View. Some tools like the Selection tool and Note Mover tools, have features that are available in one view but not the other. In addition, Page View has a few features of its own, accessible from the View menu. If you choose Fit in Window, Finale will reduce the view of your music just enough to fit the entire page onto the screen at once.

In general, Page View is slightly slower than Scroll View and Studio View. Each time the screen redraws, for example, Finale not only has to draw more music, but must also perform many more calculations (to lay out the page, for example).

Press COMMAND+E alternate between Page and Scroll View. Press COMMAND+SHIFT+E to switch to Studio View.



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