Engraver font

The Finale Engraver font set was developed by Bruce Nelson to meet the Music Publisher Association's music font design specifications. It includes a larger notehead with a different notehead angle. It also includes Let ring noteheads, Double-stopped unison noteheads, Trill to noteheads, Cluster noteheads, variations on dynamics and articulations, tempo markings, and harp pedaling symbols.

To enter a character, hold the ALT key while using the numpad to enter the number combination listed in order. The numbers do not need to be held like the ALT key. When the ALT key is released, the character appears. All of these characters can also be selected by using Text > Font to choose the desired font and Text > Inserts > Symbol to open the Symbol Selection dialog box.

Engraver Font Character Set

Engraver Font Extras Character Set

Engraver Text T/H/NCS Character Set

Engraver Text T character set is shown below. The Engraver Text fonts correspond to the standard fonts used for the text portions of the font: T for Times, H for Helvetica and NCS for New Century Schoolbook.

Engraver Time Character Set

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