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Fixed Defects in Finale version 26

  • Articulation Selection dialog box. Metatool assignments are retained after an articulation has been added to a note and then reordered in the Articulation Selection dialog box.
  • Authorization. The correct error message is displayed when trying to authorize Finale with a serial number that does not have enough seats.
  • Bold. Synthetic bold fonts print as expected.
  • Crosshairs. Crosshairs no longer take on the style of the line they are adjusting.
  • Enigma Error. In most cases, we’ve eliminated the possibility that users will encounter an EnigmaTemp error when saving work.
  • Garritan. Certain brass, percussion, and world instruments now respond to the Mixer appropriately.
  • Help buttons. A help button has been added to the Audio Setup dialog box and the help buttons in the Font Warning dialog box and Check Repeats dialog boxes open the correct corresponding User Manual articles.
  • Horizontal scrolling. Horizontal scrolling in Scroll View and Studio View works correctly when using a trackball or by using SHIFT+scroll wheel.
  • Jazz Band Document Style. Expression typos have been corrected in the Jazz Band Document Style.
  • MusicXML.
    • Hide First Measure Number in Region option is correctly recognized when a MusicXML file is exported.
    • Hide First Measure Number in Region option is correctly recognized when a MusicXML file is exported.
    • MusicXML exports notes in the correct octave when Simplify Key is selected, when a transposition occurs at the beginning or end of a part, or when a key change occurs mid-part.
    • MaestroTimes accidentals are exported correctly when used for instrument names.
    • MusicXML only exports the needed ending elements for multi-system and two-bar first endings.
    • The start of repeat endings is exported and reimported correctly with MusicXML.
    • Lyrics now export more accurately from documents where the default music font is EngraverFontSet.
    • Single-note glissandos now import correctly when positioned before a note.
    • Swing tempo marks now import correctly when the metronome-relation element is empty.
    • Expressions and text blocks with mixed text and music symbols now import with better music symbol size and positioning.
  • NotePerformer. The one-second delay when entering notes and hearing playback has been addressed.
  • TempoTap. TempoTap is named consistently throughout Finale.

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