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Fixed Defects in Finale version 26.1

  • Articulation Selection dialog box. Metatool assignments are retained after an articulation has been added to a note and then reordered in the Articulation Selection dialog box.
  • Audio Units. If a document is created using the Setup Wizard after another document that uses more than bank 1 for Audio Unit instruments has been opened, the new document's banks are no longer set to 0.
  • Memory leak. Using the Chord tool and creating successive text blocks no longer causes a memory leak or create extra Mission Control windows.
  • MusicXML.
    • Importing a MusicXML file from the launch window is successful even when music is present in the first measure of the first staff of a default document.
    • When real whole rests are the only layer entry in a time signature that is not 4/4, MusicXML export adjusts the duration to match the time signature whether the rest is visible or not. The correct playback and synchronization are heard and displayed when imported to SmartMusic.
    • MusicXML export no longer removes underscores from hyperlinks.
  • Support files. All support files (default files, document styles, and templates) have the appropriate setting for the Show On option in the Document Options - Repeats dialog box.
  • Templates. The Bass and Baritone parts in the Barbershop Male Choir template has been corrected to Bari and Bass.

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