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Repeat Designer dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Repeat tool  image\Repeat_Tool.gif, and click a measure. (If there’s already a graphic repeat sign or text repeat in the measure, double-click the measure.)
  2. When the Repeat Selection dialog box appears, click Create. If you’ve placed a text repeat in the score, you can also enter this dialog box by double-clicking its handle.

What it does

In this dialog you can create a text repeat which will function as a fully operational repeat marking, such as "To Coda," "D.S. al Coda," and "D.C." Here you write your own text and specify the font and justification for the repeat. If you used the Document Setup Wizard, one of the included templates, or a new Default Document to start your score, repeats are already available for you. If you’ve started a document that does not already include text repeats, you can use predefined text repeats in the Text Repeats Library (Text Repeats.LIB) provided with Finale. Note that this dialog box defines only the text itself and appearance of the text repeat (font and positioning specifications); to define its playback effects, you have to access the Text Repeat Assignment dialog box (see Text Repeat Assignment dialg box).

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