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Repeats (barlines and text indications)

Note. View the Repeats QuickStart Video for an overview.

Repeat barlines in Finale can be either purely graphic, or fully functional for playback. For standard repeat configurations, such as repeats with first and second endings, and even repeats with several endings, Finale defines playback for you automatically. For more advanced repeats, such as a D.S. al Coda, you can create text repeats and define them for any playback configuration. See Coda; D.S. al Coda; and  D.C..   

Note. See Adding repeat barlines and endings for a step-by-step tutorial on adding repeats in Finale.

For information regarding repeats in scores with linked parts, see Repeats in linked parts.


Placing a basic repeat in your score

Deleting a repeat barline

Breaking a repeat barline that connects staves

Placing a text repeat in your score


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