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Text Repeat Assignment dialog box

How to get there

The Text Repeat Assignment dialog box can be accessed in two ways, depending on whether you are creating a new repeat or editing an existing repeat:

  1. Click the Repeat tool  image\Repeat_Tool.gif, and double-click a measure.
  2. When the Repeat Selection dialog box appears, double-click one of the displayed text repeats (if any). (If none appear, click Create to create your own, type the repeat text; click OK, then double-click the new text repeat.)

To edit a text repeat that already appears in the score:

What it does

A text repeat is a piece of text that functions as a fully operational repeat marking, such as "To Coda," "D.S. al Coda," and "D.C." You can either design your own or use the ones in the Text Repeats Library provided with Finale, which you can load into your piece by choosing Load Library from the File menu.

Once you’ve selected a text repeat by double-clicking it, this dialog box appears, where you can define its playback effect and positioning. If you simply want it to appear as a graphic marking (with no playback function), just click OK without changing anything in the dialog box.

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