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Resize Staff System dialog box

How to get there

This window can be accessed in two ways, either with the Resize tool or the Page Layout tool:

  1. Click the Resize tool  image\Resize_Tool.gif.
  2. In Page View, click between two staves that are part of the same system.


  1. Click on the Page Layout tool . The Page Layout menu appears.
  2. Choose Page Layout > Resize Staff Systems.

What it does

This dialog box lets you specify the percentage of enlargement or reduction you want applied to a staff system.

Tip. the absolute staff height is 96 EVPUs or .3333 inches or .8467 cm. Select the measurement unit for the values in this dialog box only.

If you reduce a system with Hold Margins and Resize Vertical Space selected, the music gets smaller, but the system still stretches from margin to margin, and the space between it and the following system is reduced proportionally (left). If neither option is selected, the system shrinks in every direction, including horizontally, but the space between it and the next system doesn’t change (right).

Tip. Numbers greater than 100 enlarge it, and numbers less than 100 reduce it.

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