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Page Layout menu

How to get there

Click the Page Layout tool  image\Page_Layout_Tool.gif. The Page Layout menu appears.


What it does

This menu includes reformatting options for the left and right page formats which affect the Page Format for Score dialog box. In Finale, left pages are Finale’s even-numbered pages, and right pages are actually Finale’s odd-numbered pages.

Inserting or Deleting Blank Pages, Redefine Pages, , Space Systems Evenly and Fit Music in this menu are reformatting options that can apply to the entire document at once, or to a smaller selection of pages.

You can use the commands in this menu to insert or clear Page Breaks and Insert or Delete Staff Systems in the music.


Insert Blank Pages

Delete Page Break

Insert Staff Systems

Delete Staff Systems

Redefine Pages

Current Page of Current Part/Score

All Pages of Current Part/Score

Left Pages of Current Part/Score

Right Pages of Current Part/Score

Selected Pages of Selected Part/Score

Fit Measures

Space Systems Evenly

Avoid Margin Collisions

Update Page Format For Score


Edit Margins

System Space Before/After Music

Select Staff System Range

Page Margins

Edit Margins

Adjust Current Page Only

Adjust All Pages

Adjust Left Or Right Pages

Select Staff System Range

Page Size

Resize Pages

Resize Staff Systems


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