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Page Format for Score dialog box

How to get there

Choose Document > Page FormatParts or Score.

What it does

The text boxes in the Page Format for Score dialog box let you globally define various page layout aspects for your document: parameters for margins, page size, and music size. Settings in the Page Format for Score dialog box let you define page formats separately for new left and right pages in your score. You can also position the first page’s top margin and the first staff system.

Once you’ve changed any of the page layout variables, Finale will only apply the changed format to any new pages it creates—not the pages already created. You can use this trait to your advantage, since it allows you to use several different page layout schemes within a single document, if you wish.

To update staff margins and page margins of pages that are already in the score, you’ll use the Page Layout menu’s Redefine Pages submenu, which allows you to update all existing pages in your piece, just the left pages, or just the right pages. You can also easily insert and delete blank pages in your score.

Tip. the absolute staff height is 96 EVPUs or .3333 inches or .8467 cm.

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