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New Staves dialog box

How to get there

New staves can be added to the bottom of your score or inserted above a selected staff in your score:

  1. Click the Staff tool  image\Staff_Tool.gif. The Staff menu appears.
  2. Choose Staff > New Staves to add staves to the bottom of your score.


  1. Click the Staff tool, then click a staff handle.
  2. Choose Staff > Add Staves to insert staves before the selected staff or staves in your score.

What it does

The New Staves dialog box contains settings for the number of new blank staves to be added below the bottom-most staff, or inserted above a selected staff, as well as how far apart they should be placed.

Note. Finale always measures Topline to Topline Distance from the top line of a standard, 5-line staff. To locate Finale’s "Topline" position on staves with fewer than five lines (such as percussion staves), look for the staff handle; it always indicates the top line position.

Tip. Set the distance you want between the new staves. Use negative numbers to add staves beneath the existing staves.

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