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Staff Transpositions dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose WindowScoreManager.
  2. Choose an instrument, then click the Transposition drop-down menu, then click Select.

Transcribing a MIDI file:

  1. Choose File > Open and choose MIDI File from the List Files of Typedrop-down menu.
  2. Double-click the name of a MIDI file you want transcribed.
  3. In the Import MIDI File dialog box, click the Set Track-to-Staff List radio button.
  4. In the Track/Channel Mapping for Staves dialog box, click the topmost unassigned row of track information.
  5. Click Transposition.

What it does

You can define any staff in Finale to have any instrument transposition; for example, a trumpet staff can be notated up a whole step, yet Finale will still play back the music at concert pitch. While you’re working on the score, you can view the instrumental staves in either their transposed or concert-pitch forms.

In this dialog box, you can specify one of several common transpositions, or you can create your own. You can also tell Finale that it should use a different clef for this instrument when the staff is displayed in its transposed form. (Finale will use the normal clef you’ve specified as the First Clef for the untransposed staff.)

You can set up a staff to transpose chromatically, moving notes on a staff without changing the key signature. You can also direct Finale not to transpose the staff at all by choosing None from either the Key Signature or Chromatic drop-down menu. The Set to Clef option lets you simply click on a graphic display containing all the clef choices to select a clef.

      Note. When Set to Clef is selected, Finale displays the selected clef regardless of any other clef changes in the staff (unless you have Display Score in Concert Pitch" selected in the Document menu). If you want all clef changes to appear for a staff, make sure that Set to Clef is not selected in this dialog box, then choose the proper clef in the ScoreManager.

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