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Change Chord Suffix Fonts dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Chord tool . The Chord menu appears.
  2. Choos Chord > Change Chord Suffix Fonts.

What it does

The Change Chord Suffix Fonts dialog box lets you change the fonts for the suffixes (the "maj7" portion) of all chord symbols in your piece. Chord suffixes are often made up of characters in more than one font (one for text and one for musical symbols). In this dialog box, you can isolate characters in a specific font to change (font, size or style) for all suffixes. Or, you can also change the font, size or style for all suffix text characters at once (without changing the musical symbols).

Both radio buttons (All Fonts and Selected Fonts), by the way, direct Finale to replace only text elements of your chord symbols. They won’t affect musical characters such as the f in C7f9.

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