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Font dialog box

How to get there

This dialog box appears any time you click a Set Font button. You can find a Set Font button in, for example, the Measure Number, Articulation Designer, and Expression Designer dialog boxes.

What it does

In this dialog box you can specify a font (typeface), point size, and style for the text element you’re defining. Finale displays sample text to show the effects of your selection.

Note. When you’re creating musical elements such as Articulations, Finale conveniently displays the default music font at the top of the list (usually Maestro) as well as in its normal alphabetical position.

In some cases, though, you may want to specify a point size for some text that will never change, even if you reduce or enlarge the music on the page (lyrics and titles are the most common examples). If that’s the case, select Fixed Size; Finale won’t scale this text if the size of the music changes.

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