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Mirror/Dragging Mirrors Measures

In this copying mode, the copy you create is an intelligent copy (a mirror) of the source measure or measures. If you edit the notes or expression markings in the source measures, the change is immediately reflected in the mirrored measures.

The process is exactly the same as any Selection tool copying action: Select a source region of complete measures. Drag the first selected measure so that it's superimposed on the first target measure. Finale displays the Mirror Attributes dialog box, letting you specify a transposition, if you want, and other aspects of the copy. See Mirror Attributes dialog box.

You can only create this kind of copy if the target measures are originally empty. Note also that if you're creating a mirror; everything in the source measures will be copied to the target measures. (You can, however, tell Finale not to display certain elements of the music by specifying them in the Don't Draw section of the Mirror Attributes dialog box that appears).

The result is a copy that's dynamically linked to the source measures. If you change any aspect of the source measures, the mirror automatically changes too. You can change any settings you made in the Mirror Attributes dialog box. Note, too, that you can copy a mirrored measure in the usual way; if you've selected Dragging Mirrors Measures from the Mirror menu, the target measures will themselves be a mirror (of the mirror). If you've selected Dragging Copies Music however, the mirror you're copying will be turned into normal non-mirrored music.

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