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With this tool you can create one-measure intelligent copies, or mirrors - groups of notes that are dynamically linked to other notes in the score (the source material). When you edit the source notes, the notes of the mirror are automatically updated to reflect the change.

You can create mirrors quickly and easily if the passage you want to copy is a full measure long (or longer). You can also use the Mirror tool to combine individual sets of notes from different source measures into a single mirror measure, which is then called a composite mirror. And no matter how the mirror was created or what kind of mirror it is, you can also use this tool to select only certain notes in the mirror that you want displayed; Finale will hide the remaining notes. For example, you might create a kind of mirror - called a selective mirror - if the source measure contains a chordal passage, but you only want the top note of each chord to appear in the mirror.

Finally, you can use the Mirror tool to create a pickup measure anywhere in the score; Finale will create blank space at the beginning of such a measure, pushing any existing notes to the right to make them act as pickup notes.



For further information, see the Mirror Attributes dialog box.


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