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Page layout

Changing the distance between systems

Specifying a number of systems per page

Changing the page margins

Setting the page size

Changing the page layout

Changing the default page layout (Page Format for Score dialog box)

Applying a different page layout to selected pages

Page numbers

Page size

Page turns

Page View



Part Voicing


Establishing the initial program settings for each staff

Setting up a patch change on playback

“Chasing” patch changes before playback

Setting up patch changes using the MIDI Tool

Pedal markings

Creating pedal down and pedal up markings (Smart Shape method)

Drawing a pedal on/off diagram (Smart Shape method)

Creating playback pedaling using the MIDI Tool


Percussion note entry

Entering percussion with Simple Entry (by clicking)

Entering percussion with an external MIDI keyboard

Entering percussion with Speedy Entry

Entering percussion with HyperScribe

Loading a percussion layout library

Saving a percussion layout library

Creating a percussion staff

Editing percussion layouts

Creating a percussion staff with a customized percussion layout

Adjusting stem connections on noteheads

Creating slashes-with-cues drum notation

Importing a MIDI file with a standard percussion track

Assigning Note Types for regions of percussion notation

Identifying MIDI Note numbers for percussion notation

Changing Percussion MIDI Maps mid-score

Creating Output Maps for playback to an external MIDI device

Changing the percussion font

Piano reductions

Pickup measures

Pitch wheel

Editing pitch wheel data

Creating a pitch bend (as an expression)



Playing back a score

Using the Playback Controls

Using real-time mixer controls

Playing back selected staves

Sending an All Notes Off message

Correcting erratic MIDI playback

Specifying playback parameters

Making the music scroll during playback

“Audio spot-checking” music

Configuring instrument playback

Configuring Garritan (Audio Units) playback

Configuring a new device in Audio MIDI Setup

Portrait orientation



Punch in/Punch out


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