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Sometimes pedaling is indicated in a score like this:


The Smart Shape method is easy and the line will expand and contract with the measures. The Keep in mind, you can add a pedal playback effects with the MIDI tool. See To create playback pedaling using the MIDI Tool.

To draw a pedal on/off diagram (Smart Shape method)

  1. Click the Smart Shape tool  image\Smart_Shape_Tool.gif. The Smart Shape Palette appears.
  2. Click the Custom Line Tool  . The Smart Shape menu appears.
  3. Choose Smart Shape > Smart Shape Options. The Smart Shape Options dialog box appears.
  4. Choose Smart Line Style > Custom Line.  
  5. Click Select next to Smart Line Style. The Smart Line Selection dialog box appears. If this file was created from a default file or template, you should see several pedal on/off lines already created. (You may need to scroll down to see them.) If so, click Select and OK and skip to step 10. Otherwise, continue and create the Smart Line from scratch.
  6. In the Smart Line Selection box, click Create. The Smart Line Designer dialog box appears.
  7. Check the Horizontal box to freeze the shape in a horizontal line.
  8. For the End Point Style, choose a hook and enter a vertical distance for either the beginning or the end of the line. You can also choose a Custom Arrowhead for the pedal point. For more information, see Custom lines.
  9. Click OK, Select and OK until you return to your score.
  10. Double-click where you want the line to begin; on the second click, hold the button down and drag diagonally. Release the mouse when the line has the length you want.



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