New submenu

Use this menu to begin a new project.

  • Document With Setup Wizard. This command displays the Setup Wizard, which lets you specify instruments, score information, and score settings for an automatically-created document. This menu item is set up as the default for the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+N); you can change which item in the New submenu receives the keyboard shortcut by using the Default New Operation option in the Preferences - New dialog box.
  • Default Document. Choose this command to create a new untitled document using Finale's Default document. This file has a single staff of 31 measures and includes the default set of expressions, articulations, repeats, Smart Shapes, and other markings that can be found in the corresponding selection dialog boxes for these items. For more details, including instructions for customizing the Default document, see Default document.
  • Document From Template Use this command to create a new document using one of the included templates—several empty scores configured for string quartet, jazz band, full orchestra, and so on—saving you the trouble of constructing such “manuscript paper” setups yourself. Finale displays the Open dialog box where you can select the template you want to copy for your new document. You are prompted to customize the file in the Document Setup Wizard dialog box. You can save this file with any name you wish. Document From Template preserves the original, unmodified template that ships with Finale so that you can use it again the next time you need a similar configuration.
  • Document Without Libraries. Use this command to open a completely blank, unformatted document that you can customize from scratch. See Finale libraries to view a list of libraries included with Finale and how to add a library's contents to the active document.

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