Step 4: The MIDI Setup dialog box (optional)

As long as your MIDI device has been correctly set up with your computer, Finale automatically detects settings for your device so you can use it to input music. If you need to make changes to those settings, you can do so in the MIDI Setup dialog box. On the left side of the dialog box, choose the MIDI input device. On the right side, choose the desired output device. What you select here will determine which device Finale uses to play your music.

To make changes to your MIDI Setup

  1. Launch Finale.
  2. Choose MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > MIDI Setup. The MIDI Setup dialog box appears.
  3. Under the Device dropdown menu, verify that your MIDI device is listed. If your MIDI device is not listed, deselect Auto-detect Input Devices, select your MIDI device in the Device dropdown menu, and click OK.
  4. If needed, select an MIDI Out Device.

    You can leave SmartMusic SoftSynth selected for the MIDI output device to playback with your computer speakers using Finale’s default General MIDI sounds. You can also choose from the available synthesizers on your computer, to playback through the computer’s speakers via a sound card, or an external MIDI device. Keep in mind that the specific driver names will change depending on whichsound card or MIDI device you have.

  5. When you have finished making changes, click OK.

You can now open a document, select your preferred method of entry, and use your MIDI device to enter notes. We suggest beginning with the Finale tutorials, which contain easy-to-follow steps for learning how to use Finale quickly and efficiently or watching the Finale QuickStart Videos to learn how to accomplish basic tasks. Alternatively, click Step 5: ReWire below to set a 3rd party DAW up as an output device by using ReWire.

Step 3: Launching and authorizing Finale Step 5: ReWire