Step 2: Setting up your MIDI system (optional)

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is the language spoken by computers and electronic musical instruments. Finale allows you to use a MIDI device, like a keyboard, to enter music. The equipment required depends on the type of MIDI device you are connecting and the features of your computer:

Noteman says: To playback using a non-General MIDI instrument on your external MIDI keyboard or sound module, see Assigning instruments to MIDI sounds.

  • A MIDI device
  • Amplifier/speaker or headphones
  • Sound card
  • A MIDI interface with appropriate USB cable (optional)
  • MIDI cables

Before you can use your MIDI device with Finale, it needs to be properly set up with your computer. Connect your keyboard, and MIDI interface if you have one, using the manufacturer's instructions. If your computer is equipped with a sound card, this acts as a MIDI interface and must have the appropriate driver software installed. If you are using a dedicated ClosedMIDI interfaceA MIDI interface is a device that translates the signals arriving from a MIDI keyboard into signals that the computer understands and vice versa. The most basic interfaces require no external power and have ports (jacks) for a single MIDI keyboard; more expensive models have ports for multiple MIDI devices or other features., you will need to consult its documentation for instructions on setting up your MIDI system.

If you discover that Finale isn’t responding to your MIDI device, recheck these connections and consult you device's manual.

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