Update Articulation Positioning dialog box

How to get there

This dialog box appears when opening a file last saved in a version of Finale that does not feature automatic articulation positioning.

What it does

Automatic stacking and enhancements to articulation default positioning were introduced in Finale v26. This warning allows you to choose if you would like Finale to update articulations and remove manual adjustments. See Articulations.

  • Remember and don't show this again. Check this option to prevent the Update Articulation Positioning dialog box from appearing each time Finale detects a file created in a previous version and to default to your selected choice in this dialog box. This can be reverted in the Articulation Conversion section in the Preferences - Open dialog box.

WARNING! If you choose not to update your articulations, new articulations added to a document can collide with existing articulations. Articulation positioning can be updated at any time by using the Reset to Default Positioning option in the Articulation menu or the Change Articulation Assignments dialog box.