Articulation menu

Expanded Articulation menu

How to get there

Choose the Articulation tool icon. The Articulation menu appears.

What it does

The Articulation menu provides several options for controlling the positioning and behavior of selected articulations in your document.

  • Edit Articulation Definition. Choose this command when a single articulation has been selected to open the Articulation Designer dialog box. There you can adjust how the articulation is displayed and behaves in the document.
  • Reset to Default Positioning. Choose this command when an articulation's handle is selected to use the settings in the Articulation Designer dialog box to reposition articulations.
  • Stack. Use this submenu to define whether or not an articulation adheres to stacking behavior. This can be used to reorder an articulation. These options can be reset by selecting Stack > Use Definition or Reset to Default Positioning. See Stack submenu.
  • Direction. Use this submenu to choose how a selected articulation is positioned around a note. See Direction submenu.

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