Boomwhackers® Tuned Percussion Tubes / Chroma-Notes™ Instruments

Noteman says: “Boomwhackers” is a registered trademark under license to, and “Chroma-Notes” is a trademark of Rhythm Band Instruments, LLC of Fort Worth, TX ( MakeMusic has licensed from Rhythm Band Instruments, LLC, the use of the “Boomwhackers” and “Chroma-Notes” trademarks and logos, Boomwhackers® tube sounds and Chroma-Notes™ Colored Music colors in Finale.

Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes / Chroma-Notes Instruments are brightly colored plastic tubes that are tuned by length to musical notes. Each pitch is identified with a specific color based on the Chroma-Notes color scheme. Finale supports colored noteheads and its default colored noteheads settings are also based on the Chroma-Notes color scheme used with Boomwhackers percussion tubes and other instruments using the Chroma-Notes colors as they become available. Additionally, Finale includes options for starting a new Boomwhackers percussion tube / Chroma-Notes instruments score directly from the Setup Wizard.

To create a new Boomwhackers® Percussion Tubes or Chroma-Notes™ Instruments score

  1. Choose File > New > Document with Setup Wizard.
  2. Choose the desired Document Style and click Next.
  3. In the list box to the left, click Pitched Percussion. "Boomwhackers(R) Tubes" and "Chroma-Notes(TM) Instruments" appear in the middle list box.
  4. Double-click Boomwhackers(R) Tubes and/or Chroma-Notes(TM) Instruments to add it to the list on the right.
  5. Click Next and enter a title, composer, and additional information as required.
  6. Click Next and specify a time signature, key signature, and document details.
  7. Click Finish. The document opens based on your settings, and notes are now automatically colored based on the Chroma-Notes color scheme as they are entered.

    Note that although you can enter pitches outside of the range of the Boomwhackers tubes, only pitches within the range will sound during playback. The supported range is C2-G5 (see MIDI note to pitch table). The lowest octave requires using specially designed caps on the bass octave tubes.

To apply colored noteheads to an existing score

  1. Choose Window > ScoreManager. The ScoreManager appears.
  2. Select the score instrument requiring colored noteheads.
  3. Select Colored Noteheads. Click Settings to the right to open the Document Options - Notes and Rests dialog box, where you can adjust the coloring as needed.
  4. Click OK. Repeat the previous two steps for any other instruments that require colored noteheads.

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