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The Tuplet tool allows you to create, edit, and adjust the positions of ClosedtupletsThe irregular division of notes into a given beat (i.e. 3 into 2). Includes triplets, quintuplets, septuplets, etc.. You can use the tool to describe the visual appearance of the tuplet (whether or not it has a bracket, for example) as well as its rhythmic definition (how many quarter notes in the space of a half note, for example).

You can predefine the default appearance of tuplets when you first create them (with the Simple Entry tool icon, Speedy Entry tool icon, or HyperScribe tool icon) including whether or not a slur or bracket appears, at what height it appears, and so on. To do so, double-click the Tuplet tool; Finale displays the Tuplet Definition dialog box, where you can specify how you want new tuplets to look. To predefine more advanced tuplets, see To enter a duplet, septuplet or other tuplet.

Tip: Change Tuplet settings over a selected region with the Selection tool icon. Choose Tuplets from the Change submenu of the Utilities menu.

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