Multimeasure Rests submenu

Use the Multimeasure Rests submenu to break existing multimeasure rests, create multimeasure rests regardless of whether Special Part Extraction is on, or edit the appearance of a multimeasure rest. You must be in Page View to change multimeasure rests.

  • Create. Choose this command to create a multimeasure rest out of consecutive empty measures in the selected region. Finale creates a multimeasure rest grouping using the definition set up in Document Options - Multimeasure Rests dialog box.
  • Break. Choose this command to separate the selected multimeasure rest into separate measures of rests. Use this command if you don’t want the measures grouped at all, or if you want to create more than one multimeasure rest out of one long multimeasure rest.
  • Edit. Choose this command to display the Multimeasure Rest dialog box, where you can change the display for an individual multimeasure rest in the score. Occasionally, you may need to adjust a multimeasure rest to make room for clef changes, for example. Or, you might need to change a rest so the number of rests doesn’t appear.

    Use the settings in Document Options - Multimeasure Rests dialog box to control how you want most of your multimeasure rests to look throughout your score.

  • Create for Parts/Score. Choose Create for Parts/Score to open the Select Parts/Score dialog box. Here you can specify which parts get multimeasure rests. Finale processes each part you select and adds multimeasure rests automatically. See Multimeasure Rests in linked parts.

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