Import submenu

Use this submenu to import ClosedMusicXMLA standard open format for exchanging digital sheet music. MusicXML provides a solution for tasks such as publishing interactive musical scores on the Internet and collaborating with other musicians who use different music applications. files.

  • MusicXML. Choose this command to display the Open dialog box, where you can select a MusicXML file to import.

    You can also drag-and-drop your MusicXML file into Finale.

  • Translate Folder from MusicXML. Choose this command to save a batch of MusicXML files in Finale file format.

    These batch routines will overwrite any files with the same name that are currently in that directory.

  • MusicXML Preferences. Choose this command to edit the way that MusicXML files are imported. When you choose this option, the MusicXML Preferences dialog box is displayed.

    Finale can import MusicXML 3.1, MusicXML 3.0, MusicXML 2.0, MusicXML 1.1, and MusicXML 1.0 files.

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