Text menu (Lyrics tool)

Expanded Text menu

How to get there

Choose the Lyrics tool icon. The Lyrics menu appears.

What it does

The Lyrics tool Text menu contains options for editing lyric fonts, sizes, styles, and so on, displaying the text as it will appear on the screen and your printed music. You can also use this menu to add a 'hard space' or 'hard hyphen' instead of using the keyboard shortcuts (OPTION+SPACEBAR for a hard space and OPTION+-(hyphen) for a hard hyphen).

  • Font. Choose this command to select a font from this submenu for your text.
  • Size. Use this submenu to select a font size for your text. See Size submenu.
  • Style. Use this submenu to select a font style for your text. See Style submenu.
  • Font Settings. Choose this command to display the Font dialog box, which lists all the fonts currently installed on your system. Select the font that you want to use. Finale highlights your selection in the Font list. If you want, you can specify other font settings in the Font dialog box.
  • Insert Hard Space. Choose this command to enter a hard space in your lyrics. A hard space is an invisible character that Finale thinks of as a syllable, even though it’s invisible on the screen. Hard spaces can also be used to combine multiple syllables on a single note or chord, which can be especially useful in notating chant melodies. See Chant notation.
  • Insert Hard Hyphen. Choose this command to enter a hard hyphen in your lyrics (instead of pressing ­OPTION+-(hyphen)). A hard hyphen will not separate the word into syllables.
  • Insert Symbol. Choose this command to display the Symbol Selection dialog box, where you can see all the characters in the current font. When you select the item, it is inserted into the current text block.

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