Harmonic analysis

With the Finale Numerics font, you can easily enter harmonic analysis in your Finale document. The font was specifically designed to offer all the characters required to produce a thorough harmonic analysis, including zero-width, stackable characters, horizontal lines, slashes, musical characters, and more.

Pivot chords

Pivot chords can be entered using a combination of | (vertical line), \ (backslash), ` (acute accent) and [, ], {, } (bracket) characters and Finale Numerics font characters. Pivot chords occur either inline with the rest of the harmonic analysis or extended below the original key when a modulation occurs. Inline pivot chords can easily be entered using a combination of non-zero-width characters, any zero-width characters needed to enter an inversion and zero-width pivot chord characters like and .

Keystroke Character Description Keystroke Character Description
\ Pivot chord modulation bracket ] Closed pivot chord modulation bracket
[, `, `, SHIFT+[, `, `, SHIFT+[, `, `, ] Extended pivot chord bracket SHIFT+[ Pivot chord modulation bracket extender, middle
SHIFT+\ Pivot chord modulation bracket SHIFT+] Pivot chord modulation bracket extender, top
[, `, `, SHIFT+[, `, `, SHIFT+\, `, `, SHIFT+] Staircase pivot chord modulation bracket SHIFT+i, SHIFT+v, SHIFT+\, SHIFT+v Common pivot chord example
[ Open pivot chord modulation bracket i, v, ] Common pivot chord example

More complex pivot chords might require characters entered below the original harmonic analysis. This can be accomplished using the DOWN ARROW to move to the next verse, chorus, or section below the current lyric or by using the Specify Current Lyric dialog box.