Finale AlphaNotes font

Created for use with beginning music students, the Finale AlphaNotes font places note names inside noteheads. Use one of the AlphaNotes templates (located in the Finale/Music Files/Templates/Education Templates folder) to use these characters automatically. See Templates.

If a keystroke is separated by a plus sign (+), the keys must be pressed in succession. If a keystroke combination is separated by a comma, type the first keystroke combination, release the keys, and press the character after the comma. All of these characters can also be selected by using Text > Font to choose the desired font and Text > Inserts > Symbol to open the Symbol Selection dialog box.

Finale AlphaNotes Character Set

Keystroke Character Description Keystroke Character Description
SHIFT+f Open notehead, A b Filled notehead, A
SHIFT+e Open notehead, A a Filled notehead, A
SHIFT+g Open notehead, A c Filled notehead, A
SHIFT+i Open notehead, B e Filled notehead, B
SHIFT+h Open notehead, B d Filled notehead, B
SHIFT+j Open notehead, B f Filled notehead, B
SHIFT+l Open notehead, C h Filled notehead, C
SHIFT+k Open notehead, C g Filled notehead, C
SHIFT+m Open notehead, C i Filled notehead, C
SHIFT+o Open notehead, D k Filled notehead, D
SHIFT+n Open notehead, D or open notehead, solfège do j Filled notehead, D or filled notehead, solfège do
SHIFT+p Open notehead, D l Filled notehead, D
SHIFT+r Open notehead, E n Filled notehead, E
SHIFT+q Open notehead, E m Filled notehead, E
SHIFT+s Open notehead, E o Filled notehead, E
SHIFT+u Open notehead, F q Filled notehead, F
SHIFT+t Open notehead, F or open notehead, solfège fa p Filled notehead, F or filled notehead, solfège fa
SHIFT+v Open notehead, F r Filled notehead, F
SHIFT+x Open notehead, G t Filled notehead, G
SHIFT+w Open notehead, G s Filled notehead, G
SHIFT+y Open notehead, G u Filled notehead, G
[ Open notehead, H SHIFT+z Filled notehead, H
SHIFT+7 Open notehead, solfège re SHIFT+= Filled notehead, solfège re
' Open notehead, solfège mi , Filled notehead, solfège mi
SHIFT+9 Open notehead, solfège sol - Filled notehead, solfège sol
SHIFT+0 Open notehead, solfège la . Filled notehead, solfège la
SHIFT+8 Open notehead, solfège ti / Filled notehead, solfège ti
OPTION+h Open notehead, empty OPTION+q Filled notehead, empty
OPTION+n, SHIFT+n Open notehead, happy face y Filled notehead, happy face
OPTION+SHIFT+a Open notehead, contented face v Filled notehead, contented face
OPTION+u, SHIFT+o Open notehead, winking face z Filled notehead, winking face
OPTION+u, SHIFT+u Open notehead, half-smiling face SHIFT+[ Filled notehead, half-smiling face
OPTION+SHIFT+c Open notehead, surprised face SHIFT+` Filled notehead, surprised face
OPTION+i, a Open notehead, expressionless face OPTION+u, SHIFT+a Filled notehead, expressionless face
OPTION+e, SHIFT+e Open notehead, sad face x Filled notehead, sad face
OPTION+e, a Open notehead, half-frowning face SHIFT+\ Filled notehead, half-frowning face
OPTION+`, a Open notehead, angry face SHIFT+] Filled notehead, angry face
1 Whole notehead, A SHIFT+1 Whole notehead, solfège re
0 Whole notehead, A SHIFT+' Whole notehead, solfège mi
2 Whole notehead, A SHIFT+3 Whole notehead, solfège sol
4 Whole notehead, B SHIFT+4 Whole notehead, solfège la
3 Whole notehead, B SHIFT+5 Whole notehead, solfège ti
5 Whole notehead, B w Whole notehead, empty
7 Whole notehead, C OPTION+c Whole notehead, happy face
6 Whole notehead, C OPTION+u, a Whole notehead, contented face
8 Whole notehead, C OPTION+e, e Whole notehead, winking face
SHIFT+; Whole notehead, D OPTION+`, e Whole notehead, half-smiling face
9 Whole notehead, D or whole notehead, solfège do OPTION+n, a Whole notehead, surprised face
; Whole notehead, D OPTION+e, i Whole notehead, expressionless face
= Whole notehead, E OPTION+a Whole notehead, sad face
SHIFT+ , Whole notehead, E OPTION+i, e Whole notehead, half-frowning face
SHIFT+. Whole notehead, E OPTION+u, e Whole notehead, angry face
SHIFT+2 Whole notehead, F OPTION+`, i Jack-o-lantern without stem
SHIFT+/ Whole notehead, F or whole notehead, solfège fa OPTION+i, i Jack-o-lantern with stem
SHIFT+a Whole notehead, F OPTION+u, i Open notehead, cracked
SHIFT+c Whole notehead, G OPTION+n, n Filled notehead, cracked
SHIFT+b Whole notehead, G OPTION+`, o Whole notehead, cracked
SHIFT+d Whole notehead, G OPTION+`, SHIFT+u Easter egg
\ Whole notehead, H      

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