Audio Units Banks & Effects dialog box

How to get there

Choose MIDI/Audio > Audio Units Banks and Effects.

What it does

With this dialog box, you can load Audio Units players for use with Finale and open the loaded player for editing sound channel assignments. Finale includes the ARIA Player, which is designed to use Finale as its host sequencer and includes the Garritan Instruments for Finale sounds. You can use this dialog box to load any other Audio Units instrument library, select and edit Audio Units effects, and adjust the volume for each Audio Units selection. If you have created an Audio Unit instrument or effect preset in a program like GarageBand or Logic, it can be selected for use within Finale when placed in the appropriate folder in ~/Library/Audio/Presets (see your ClosedDAWDigital Audio Workstation manual for a more detailed file path).

Noteman says: To automatically restore playback sounds based on your Sound Map priority, choose MIDI/Audio > Reassign Playback Sounds.

Finale generally assigns sounds to instruments automatically, assigning the included ARIA Player or ClosedSmartMusic SoftSynthA set of General MIDI sounds included with Finale. The SmartMusic SoftSynth is provided both as a soundfont for MIDI playback and as a plug-in for Audio Units playback. to banks with the corresponding instrument sounds. For example, when you add or change an instrument in the ScoreManager, Finale loads the necessary banks and instrument sounds (according to the priority of Sound Maps in the Sound Map Priority dialog box). When you make manual changes to banks or sounds in the Audio Units Banks & Effects dialog box (and respective Audio Units players), you are adjusting Finale's automatic setup, which means you need to be aware of how these changes affect other sound assignments (see Editing banks and players).

  • Bank (Fin. Ch.) • Instrument • Edit. Each one of these pop-up menus displays all the sound libraries installed on your computer. The ARIA Player is included with Finale, which is used to load the included Garritan sounds. Click the adjacent button to open the selected player where you can add instruments, select an instrument preset, and make other changes. The numbers to the left of each pop-up menu indicate the Finale Channels included in each bank. Finale offers 8 Banks of 16 Channels each for a total of 128 Channels.
  • Noteman says: Audio Units effects plug-ins are installed as files that usually appear in the same folders as the Audio Units instruments.

  • Effects. Each one of these pop-up menus displays the Audio Units effects installed on your computer, including the ones installed with your operating system. Click the adjacent button to open the selected effect's interface and load an effect preset or make your own changes. To reset the effect, use the Effects pop-up menu to select --- and reselect the effect.
  • Bypass. Check this box to temporarily omit the corresponding effect.
  • Volume • Clip. This volume slider applies to the volume of the selected bank of channels and their selected Audio Units selection and effect(s). Finale illuminates the Clip indicator if clipping is detected. Clipping is detected if the signal goes beyond the bounds of a standard range. Click the clip indicator light to reset it.
  • Master Effects • Master Volume. Use these options to apply effects and volume to the master mix. Changes to this section apply to all banks.
  • Close. Click Close to apply your settings.

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