Step 5: ReWire

Noteman says: Visit Propellerhead's website for more information on ReWire.

ReWire allows you to stream Finale's audio output to a 3rd party digital audio workstation (DAW). Finale acts as an audio device and your DAW is a host. Check with your DAW's manufacturer to see if ReWire is supported.

ReWire components are installed with Finale but there is some set up that will need to be done in your DAW. Use the drop-down's below to see how a couple of popular DAWs can be set up with Finale as an audio device.

WARNING! Because Finale is acting as an audio device, most playback issues will need to be troubleshot through the DAW's manufacturer. Visit the Finale Knowledge Base to find common ReWire troubleshooting steps.

Noteman says: Slave to ReWire Master Tempo is deselected by default. It is important to note that playback will not work correctly if there is a tempo track in your DAW and Finale is controlling the tempo.

The playback tempo can either be controlled by Finale's tempo map or by your DAW. If you would like to use your DAW's playback tempo, select Slave to ReWire Master Tempo in the Playback Settings.

When you are finished with your ReWire session, first close Finale and then your DAW. If your DAW closes unexpectedly and Finale is still in ReWire mode, use MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > Reset ReWire.

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