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Import MIDI from Clipboard dialog box

How to get there

  1. Place some MIDI data on the clipboard (from Finale or another sequencing program).
  2. Click the Selection tool  image\Selection_Tool.gif or any other tool with regional selection.
  3. Select a region of music.
  4. Choose Edit > Import MIDI from Clipboard.

What it does

Use the Import MIDI from Clipboard dialog box to change quantization settings and other options when you’re importing a MIDI file from the clipboard. The options are the same as those in the Import MIDI File dialog box, except Convert Markers is not available. For an explanation of these settings, see Import MIDI file Options dialog box and Quantization Settings dialog box.

To use the current settings in the Import MIDI from Clipboard dialog box (without displaying the dialog box on the screen), press shift when you choose Import MIDI from Clipboard from the Edit menu.


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