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Quantization Settings dialog box

How to get there

The Quant Settings button which appears in a number of related dialog boxes will open this window.

To open it manually:

Choose MIDI/Audio > Quantization Settings.

What it does

The Quantization Settings dialog box allows you to specify the smallest note value Finale will quantize input to and the type of quantization it will perform such as allowing or ignoring tuplets. If you want more detailed quantization settings, click More Settings and the More Quantization Settings dialog box will appear. See More Quantization Settings dialog box.

Keep in mind that in Finale, the term Quantization refers to something slightly different than it does in sequencing software. In sequencers, when you Quantize a note, you shorten or lengthen the start/stop times of the notes so that they are aligned more precisely with the pulse. In short, you change how the notes sound. If you quantize a measure of 16th notes to a 1/4 note quantization, you will subsequently only hear four quarter notes (probably chords) in this measure.

In Finale, on the other hand, the quantization affects how the notes appear rather than how they sound. Quantizing the same measure of 16th notes in Finale by a 1/4 note will cause four 1/4 note chords to appear BUT may still play back the 16th note run.

Although you can instruct Finale to play the music literally as it appears on the page, by default when you import a midi file or input in real time using Finale's HyperScribe tool, Finale will retain how the music sounds separately from how it looks (rhythms are expected to look differently than the sound in swing music, for example). See Playback/Record Options dialog box for more details.


Note. To update your Finale.INI file with the new settings you made (and all other current settings), remember that you must choose the Save Preferences command (File menu) unless you selected Save Preferences When Exiting Finale in Preferences-Save. See Program Options-Save.

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