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Tempo Adjustment dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Window > Advanced Tools.
  2. Click the Tempo tool  image\Tempo_Tool.gif, and click a measure.

What it does

The Tempo tool lets you edit tiny, moment-by-moment tempo fluctuations within the playback of a piece. You’ll rarely need to know about the fairly technical concept of the Tempo tool; nonetheless, you can use it to create certain unique temporal effects.

You can use it, for example, to create a swing effect, although the Playback Controls provide a much more efficient and effective method of creating swing.

In the Tempo Adjustment dialog box, "beats" refers to the beat in the current time signature, rather than assuming a quarter note is the beat. The measure range defaults to this measure only (instead of through the end of the piece). Most tempo adjustments, except for "swing", should be placed only at the beginning of the area they are supposed to affect.

Tempo data is what you "capture" in Transcription Mode from your real-time performance (by clicking Save Tempo) so that Finale can recreate your tempo changes when it plays back the transcription. In this dialog box, however, you can directly edit the Tempo data for the measure you clicked.

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