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Set Swing Ratio dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Window > Advanced Tools. Click the Tempo tool  image\Tempo_Tool.gif.
  2. Click a measure, then click Set Swing.

What it does

The Tempo tool offers a method for creating a swing playback feel in your music. You’ll rarely need to use this method, however, because you can use the MIDI tool much more directly and easily to produce a true swing feel.

In this dialog box, you can specify the degree of swing you want applied to your music.

Note. The Tempo tool creates swing by actually slowing the tempo while playing the first eighth note of each pair. The number in the Percent box is the reciprocal of the amount by which Finale first slows the tempo. Thus if the value is 200%, the tempo drops to half its speed. If the Percent is 300%, the tempo drops to 1/3 its speed. (The second eighth note is always played at the regular tempo. But because the tempo during the first eighth note was much slower, the effect is that the second eighth note sounds delayed.) The higher the Percent, the more a pair of eighth notes sound like a dotted-eighth-and-sixteenth pair.

Tip. An easier method to add swing can be found in the Playback Controls or the Expression tool.


Tip. The higher the number, the later the second note in a swing pair and the heavier the swing.

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