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Use this technique for reducing or enlarging the printed size of the music itself, including text and expressions (without changing the actual page size). You must be in Page View to reduce or enlarge a page.

To reduce or enlarge all the music on a page (or the entire piece)

  1. Click the Resize tool  image\Resize_Tool.gif.
  2. Click the upper-left corner of the first page you want to resize. Or, right-click and choose Resize Page. The Resize Page dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the reduction or enlargement percentage. Click Hold Margins, too, unless you want the entire printed page to shrink (or grow) proportionally. (See Resize Staff System dialog box for details.)
  4. Specify the pages you want to resize.
  5. Click OK. As always, whenever you perform an operation that changes the measure widths, you should update the measure layout.
  6. Choose Utilities > Update Layout.  

To reduce or enlarge fretboards

See Document Options-Chords and Change Chord Assignments dialog box.



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