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Smart Slur Options dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Smart Shape tool  image\Smart_Shape_Tool.gif. The Smart Shape menu appears.
  2. Choose Smart Shape > Smart Slur Options.

What it does

The Smart Slur Options dialog box allows you to specify how your slurs will appear in Finale. The dialog box gives you access to Engraver slurs, where slurs will avoid collisions with other items. You can decide how much to move the Engraver slur to avoid other objects, such as articulations or note stems. Other settings determine the limits of how far the Engraver slurs will distort to avoid a collision.

Finale lets you provide placement options for slurs and bends that break over systems, and lets you control the thickness of all Smart Shape slurs in your piece. Slur Thickness is the desired thickness of the solid slur lines for every slur in your score.

You can specify exactly where slurs and bends will end horizontally on a staff line and at what point horizontally they will start on the next staff line within a system break. You can also specify slurs’ and bends’ distances from the staff lines. Finale automatically breaks all slurs and bends according to the current Slur System Breaks settings.

Note. Most changes you make to the Smart Slur Options settings affect existing Smart Slurs in the score, except slurs that have been manually edited. Slur thickness and tip width changes affect all slurs.

Note. Engraver slurs make extensive use of font annotation, to determine the size of other musical items in collision avoidance. If you are using a music font not supplied by Coda, we strongly recommend you annotate the font for improved performance in Engraver slurs.

Tip. Slur Tip Width for Shape Designer Slurs is set in Document Options-Lines and Curves.

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