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Paste Multiple dialog box

How to get there

The Paste Multiple dialog box can be accessed in two ways, either through keyboard shortcuts or menu commands:

  1. Click the Selection tool  image\Selection_Tool.gif, and select a region of measures.
  2. CTRL+Alt+click a measure.


  1. Choose Edit > Cut or Copy (or press CTRL+C or CTRL+X).
  2. Highlight the first measure of the desired destination region
  3. Choose Edit > Paste Multiple (or press CTRL+ALT+V).

What it does

When you copy music using the Paste Multiple command, Finale offers you the chance to create multiple copies, placed one after another. For example, if you want a one-measure bass figure to repeat three times, you need only enter it once (in the first measure); then you can use the Selection tool to copy it into the second measure using the Paste Multiple command. This dialog box appears, asking how many times you want it copied; for example, enter 3 for Paste Horizontally and click OK. Finale will copy the selected measure into measures 2, 3, and 4.

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